That same month, Cortex Chemicals is organising the first international conference on crude oil and natural gas issues. The event is co-organised by Unibrom, Schlumberger and Novidon. The event will take place on 26-27 October, and the invited participants will stay at the Turówka hotel in Wieliczka near Kraków.

The exact subject of the upcoming conference: "Materials and equipment used in the technology of drilling fluids and proposed solutions for crude oil and gas production." The essential part of the event is coordinated by Cortex Chemicals experts from Oil and Gas Department. The presentations will be made in three planned parts of the conference:

Part I:
Materials based on drilling fluids technology

Part II:

Purification equipment for use in oil scrubber technology

Part III:
Proposed solutions for crude oil and gas production

Apart from a solid dose of knowledge and creating business relations, there will also be additional attractions. We hope that each of our guests will be satisfied with the substantial level of the conference and spend their free time in an interesting way. You are welcome to join us!

Konferencja Ropa i Gaz