From 7th to 9th November, we will take part in two international congresses organized by the Farmacom publishing house in Łódź. It will be the Congress of the World of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Congress of the World of the Cosmetics Industry.

The congresses have been organised on a regular basis for many years. This year it will be the 8th edition of the Cosmetic Congress and the 9th edition of the Pharmaceutical Congress. Due to the fact that they concern two cooperating industries, they provide an excellent opportunity for integration and allow suppliers to expand the group of customers for their products. Each year, more than 360 companies and representatives of cosmetics and medicines take part.

A substantial part of the events will be seminars for producers, held in several lecture halls simultaneously. At the same time there is also a trade fair at stand number 12, where we will present products for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We already invite you today to visit Cortex Chemicals and find out more about our offer.

The programme also includes an evening gala, which will certainly be an excellent opportunity to integrate representatives of both industries with suppliers. An interesting point will also be a technical trip to Sensilab Group Poland, a factory of our special partner.

See you soon in Łódź!